This article will help you understand yourself better — Part II [Frameworks]

  • People want to have net positive feeling (increase good ones & reduce bad ones). Feelings are grounded in biological mechanisms. Biological mechanisms respond to real-world phenomenon (perceived realities).
  • Perceived realities impact happiness/sadness through three different mechanisms — Darwinian, Hacked, Obsessive.
  • Hacked activities aim to short-circuit the causation loop between real-world phenomenon & biological mechanism. These type of activities are concrete & specific things we can do to bring about a change in feelings (drugs, work-out, religion). Some cool topics of digression exist.
  • Obsessive activities are ones you are compelled to perform. You may not even derive pleasure from these activities & as such they lie at the edge of consciously choosing your actions. For most people this is the smallest sub-section of behaviours.
Having fun with Hacked Activities
  1. Substance related
  1. Your life expectancy gets shortened — less life means less net happiness
  2. You become too dependent on one particular thing for your happiness — as with everything in life, diversification is probably winning strategy for net happiness a well. Tying happiness to one specific outcome is quite risky.
  3. Over time the side-effects of drug addiction bring you more sadness than joy. But you’re in way too deep to see that clearly.
  4. You enter a vicious cycle which is not sustainable — being doped out all the time will prevent you from earning money to fund your drug addiction
  • Would you like to be the best artist around? Would you like recognition for your efforts?
  • Are you solely motivated by the joy you receive upon doing the activity?



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Vichar Mohio

Vichar Mohio


Writing about topics I find interesting & original. Usually a mix of philosophy, evolutionary psychology & technology